Belfast Beyond have been relentlessly documenting Belfast Street Art and Graffiti for the past few years and is a great resource for anyone looking to find out more about the artworks and the artists that have painted in the city. I recently had a chat with them in my new studio. Below is a short excerpt from the interview, with a link to the full interview below.

In your opinion, what (if any) is the difference between street art and graffiti?

I guess you’re approaching public art or statements in a different way in street art and graffiti. Some artists have a problem being called street artists and I get the feeling that some graffiti artists don’t like being called street artists. It’s just a different methodology, the outcome of what you want to achieve is different as well. I like graffiti although I’ve never done it much. I do enjoy going to cities like Berlin, New York and London where some places are completely covered; it’s a sign of visual language on a city, people taking ownership of walls and that’s cool for me. But I guess when you’re talking about the differences between the 2, I would say that street art is more like murals and picture based, whereas graffiti is names on walls. But street art wouldn’t exist without graffiti and you have to appreciate that.

Where is the best place in the world for street art?

I do love Berlin, I’ve been there a few times and it’s amazing. I think it’s just the whole vibe you get from the city and the people, it’s really unique. I do want to check out New York, I was there about 11 years ago but it was before I was really into street art, so I would like to go back and check out the scene there ; there seems to be a lot happening in in Bushwick and Queens. Apart from that, the only other places I’ve been to are the UK, London mostly, which is great; the London scene is like an international scene in itself so I would imagine New York to be fairly similar. The cities that I want to get to are Paris, Berlin, New York, LA, Sydney and Melbourne. One of the first street art books I ever got was purely Melbourne so I’ve always wanted to go check it out; they’ve got some great artists there like Rone;  he’s been one of my favourites since knowing about what street art was.

Full interview here