Emic is an Artist based in Belfast. Since 2012 he has been painting and pasting around the UK and Ireland.


The Artist paints on walls and canvas using a combination of aerosols and oils. His Art explores human identity and our connection to the contrasting worlds of the urban and the natural. The Artwork presents themes of chaos, tranquility, technology and abandonment. We are constantly affected by our surroundings, be it manmade or natural.


Emic has been commissioned to paint large-scale murals across the country with clients such as Queens University and  Dublin City Council.


In 2015 he was awarded the Visual Artists Ireland DAS residency.


emic hand

Dragonfly progress

Its been a crazy few weeks getting my new studio space fit for purpose of making art and meeting deadlines. This week sees some time free up to work through a few commissions. The dragonfly is the first of those that has progressed to the point where I can photograph...

Belfast Beyond

I recently had a chat with Belfast Beyond in my new studio. Below is a short excerpt from the interview, with a link to the full interview below. Belfast Beyond have been relentlessly documenting Belfast Street Art and Graffiti for the past few years and is a great...

Letting loose

Finally got the time to get around to finishing my new painting on the peace wall. Decided to not be overly precious and let loose on this one by combining the realism with some far out abstraction. Cheers to Voms for the spot....

Peace Wall

A fine start to the week with some painting on the Peace wall in Belfast.  

Isaac Newton

After weeks of designing and applications its a relief to be out painting again. Yesterday I started a string of new commissions by getting my Isaac newton on for a commission based on learning.

Arte tv

I recently had some friends from Arte tv come to Belfast to find out more about life in the city as well as the vibrant creative scene. They wanted to see different landmarks, bars and the street art that has made a big impact on the visual landscape of the city...